Top Ten Foodie Gifts for 2016

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Top Ten Foodie Gifts for 2016


Americans spend nearly $18 billion in food gifts every year, and almost half of that spending happens during the winter holidays. For your foodie customers looking for something unique to give their favorite epicurean, suggest one of the innovative products below and spread the holiday cheer (and bacon jam).

1. DIY Kimchi Making Kit – Korean cuisine, fermented foods, and the maker movement are all super-hot trends, and this gift combines the best of all of them. Look for a kit that has everything from the glass hermetic jar to that famously delicious fish sauce.

2. Bacon Jam Sampler Pack – Putting humans on the moon can only be matched by one other marvel—spreadable bacon. Sample packs can give you the variety you’re looking for, with different flavors to try like Black Pepper and Garlic.

3. Manuka Honey – Functional foods are what it’s all about. And no functional food is taking the world by storm quite as much as Manuka honey. While tasty on toast, advocates also use it for facials and to treat wounds.

4. Christmas Morning Cereal – Sure, you might have a bowl of cereal every day, but make it special this Christmas by purchasing Christmas Morning Cereal. Brands add that holiday magic by adding ingredients like caramelized milk chocolate, hazelnuts and cinnamon.

5. Molecular Styling Kit – Molecular gastronomy has yielded some of the most visually impressive food ever to hit Instagram, allowing consumers to use their own food styling tools to create their very own masterpieces.

6. Chocolate Subscription – Is your foodie a chocoholic, but has tried every variety under the sun? Fear not. By gifting a subscription, every month your loved one will receive a box of chocolates hand selected for them from around the globe.

7. Handmade Copper Whiskey Still – Whiskey, and bourbon in particular, is once again de rigueur. Now connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike can distill their own whiskey at home with their own handy stills.

8. Foodie Dice – Even foodies aren’t immune to the dreaded question: “What’s for dinner?” Take some of the pain out of the decision-making process by turning it into a game and leaving it up to fate.

9. Butter Churner – Crank the stainless steel gears and watch your batch churner turn cream into butter in under 10 minutes.

10. Black Toothpaste – After all of the goodies are gone, your foodie is going to need an equally experiential toothpaste to keep their mouth fresh and clean for the next food adventure. Black toothpaste contains plant-derived antimicrobial oils, oral probiotics, chlorophyll and activated charcoal to freshen breath.


Ryan Dee is the creative director of Interactions Marketing, a division of Daymon Worldwide.