Taco Simmer Sauces

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Taco Simmer Sauces

Urban Accents' Taco Simmer Sauces capture the street food craze. The four flavors are:

Korean BBQ – A savory and sweet sauce with hints of garlic and sesame that caramelizes perfectly on thinly sliced beef or tofu.

Tangy Tomatillo & Garlic – The most traditional of the sauces, a garlicky tomatillo base with subtle notes of jalapeño heat and a citrusy zing makes it ideal for thinly sliced pork or beans.

Thai Chili – A balanced blend of sriracha, garlic and lime creates a sweet and spicy sauce that pairs best with shrimp or chicken.

Jamaican Jerk – This tropical blend of peppers, citrus and pineapple finishes with a spicy kick, and is delicious on chicken strips, pork and beef. Each 14.3-ounce bottle of sauce prepares up to three pounds of meat or veggies in just 20 minutes. Preparation directions and creative serving suggestions are included on the labels. Gluten free