Schuman to Import German Cheeses

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Schuman to Import German Cheeses

By Anna Wolfe - 01/19/2018

Schuman Cheese has a struck a deal with German company Bergader Privatkäserei to be its exclusive importer and distributor of its Bergader cheeses in the U.S. market. The cheeses will make their debut at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

“Bergader is a world-class company producing some of the best cheeses in the world,” said Ian Schuman, fourth generation family member and specialty cheese business unit lead of the Fairfield, N.J.-based importer. “We believe that this partnership offers incredible synergies between our two companies, but more importantly, the partnership will give consumers the opportunity to try one of the best cheeses in the world from one of the cleanest and ecologically unique places in Europe.”

Since 1902  in Waging Am See, Germany, Bergader has been crafting its cheeses with the best Bavarian alpine milk. The partnership provides U.S. consumers with expanded availability to Bergader’s famous range of cheeses like Bavaria Blu, the original triple crème blue soft cheese hybrid, as well as Edelpilz, the German alpine blue cheese, and a range of Bavarian soft cheeses.

The cheeses are available in various formats for upscale supermarkets and cheese shops.

For example, Bavarian Blue is available in 2.5-pound wheels for cut-and-wrap programs, and for self-service cheeses cases, 350-gram prepackaged cheeses are available.

The combination of high quality cheeses, back story and affordable price points should resonate with  toay’s specialty food consumers.

“The great thing about these cheeses is that they are extremely high quality and the depth of brand story,” says Schuman.  

Like Schuman Cheese, Bergader is a fourth-generation family company. “A lot of the companies we partner with tend to be family-owned companies,” said Schuman. “When you are a family company, you appreciate the shared values of families companies.” 

Since 1945 Schuman Cheese has been importing cheeses from around the world.

Edelpilz, a Bavarian blue, will be available in upscale supermarkets and cheese shops.