A New Year, a New Cheese (or Two)

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A New Year, a New Cheese (or Two)

By Anna Wolfe - 02/23/2017

The Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco once again proved to be a great opportunity to discover new cheeses and get acquainted with some cheeses that have been overlooked in the past. So many cheeses, so little time.

As domestic and international cheesemakers continue to innovate — with new flavors, packaging and sizes, etc. — keeping track of the No. 1 specialty food category can be a difficult task. Luckily, The Gourmet Retailer is up for the challenge.

Blue Horn
Rogue Creamery, based in Central Point, Ore., was sampling several of its cheeses including one of its recent introductions, Blue Horn. This limited edition blue cheese is soaked in Syrah resulting in a smooth creamy cheese with a hint of red fruit. Rogue Creamery's David Gremmels went to France to study and perfect this cheesemaking technique. The cheese's name was inspired by Cowhorn, the biodynamic winery in Jacksonville, Ore., that makes the wine. www.roguecreamery.com

Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses
Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses was on hand with its handmade cheeses, including its blue cheeses that are available in precut 150-gram wedges and full 1.6-kg truckles. The Yorkshire, England-based cheesemaker is working to secure a U.S. importer for its cows and sheeps milk cheeses. Our favorite was Yorkshire Blue that's aged more than eight weeks. It's buttery, sweet and mild. Made with vegetarian-friendly rennet. www.shepherdspurse.co.uk

Sincerely Brigitte Salad Toppings
Sincerely Brigitte, the Jersey City, N.J.-based company known for its flavored cheeses, introduced its new line of salad toppings. The diced cheeses are sold in two sizes: 3-ounce containers of Cheddar, Chipotle, Garlic Basil and Variety, which is Cheddar and Muenster; and four 1-ounce packs of diced cheese in Cheddar, Chipotle, and Garlic Basil. Seven grams of protein per serving. Certified kosher. SRPS: $2.99-$4.49. www.sincerelybrigitte.com

Le Rouge
Red Barn's new cheese Le Rouge is an original cheese recipe created and perfected for Red Barn with the help of The Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Le Rouge is a natural washed-rind, French style alpine cheese, similar to Comté. Itis hand-crafted for Red Barn with premium, raw (heat-treated) Red Barn milk by Jon Metzig of Willow Creek Creamery, Berlin, Wis. Aged for a minimum of 9 months, the edible rind develops a beautiful reddish-orange hue, while the interior remains mild — creamy and nutty with umami notes and a slight peppery finish. Le Rouge is available in 18-pound wheels and is hand-made in small batches. Red Barn is an American Humane Certified dairy farm.

Le Roulé
Rians introduced three varieties of Le Roulé. Le Roulé, French for "roll," is handcrafted in France's northeast mountain region of Les Vosges, in the village of Neufchâteau. Made from locally sourced cows milk, this specialty cheese is creamy and smooth, with a clean, fresh taste. Varieties include Garlic & Herb, Savory & Sweet Peppers, and Cranberry. SRP: $6.99. www.rians-export.com

Roth Organic
Emmi Roth USA, the Wisconsin-based division of the Swiss Emmi Group, unveiled one its biggest initiatives yet, its new Roth Organics line. The four new cheeses features many award-winning Roth favorites now made using certified organic milk from nearby certified organic dairy farms. "There is a strong demand for organic products that has grown significantly over the past few years," said Tim Omer, president and managing director at Emmi Roth USA.

The organic line features Roth's flagship Grand Cru Original, as well as Organic Van Gogh Gouda, Organic Havarti and Organic Sharp Cheddar. All are rBST-free and vegetarian friendly.

Roth Organic Grand Cru Original — available in 18-pound wheels and 6-ounce retail cuts – is an award-winning Alpine-style cheese made from a combination of the finest organic milk and Swiss traditions. The smear-ripened cheese is crafted in authentic copper vats and cured by Roth cellar masters for a minimum of four months.

Roth Organic Van Gogh Gouda – available in 10-pound wheels and 8-ounce retail cuts – features Roth's signature Van Gogh Gouda, a quintessential Dutch cheese with a straw-yellow body and mellow and mild sweetness.

Roth Organic Havarti – available in 9-pound loaves and 8-ounce retail cuts – is a versatile cheese with a mild and buttery flavor, perfect for cooking and melting.

Roth Organic Sharp Cheddar – available in 1-pound blocks and 8-ounce retail cuts – is aged for a minimum of six months to develop a classic, rich and tangy flavor. www.rothcheese.com

Juniper Berry Infused Quintuple Crème Blue
Made using a Quintuple Crème Blue recipe, the Blue Jay is rich in texture with strong buttery notes. The juniper berries are crushed to release their aroma into the blue cheese. The result is a bold, yet creamy blue with a delicate, piney bouquet. A perfect pairing with gin. Our friends at Deer Creek suggest melting it on a New York Strip or venison, or with a mug of warm apple cider. www.deercreekcheese.com

Garlic & Chives Chevre
Laura Chenel's added Garlic & Chives to its 8-ounce goat cheese log collection. Laura Chenel's Garlic & Chives log is made with fresh goat cheese mixed with garlic and shallots; the exterior is coated with chives. The shallots add a hint of sweetness to the tangy, fresh goat cheese flavor, while the chives balance the spiciness of the garlic. SRP: $5.99. www.laurachenel.com