Looking Glass Creamery Adds Farm

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Looking Glass Creamery Adds Farm


Cheesemakers Jennifer and Andy Perkins, who started the Looking Glass Creamery in 2009, have grown the business by purchasing Harmon Dairy to literally go farm-to-table with their cheese.

“Milking goats and milking sheep is what brought me into the business,” Jennifer Perkins said, in a local news report. “It is a respect for the past, keeping it a dairy farm and also moving forward with a new venture that will help protect it all.”

Harmon Dairy’s current owners Doug and Alan Harmon will work with Perkins to teach them the process of dairy farming; the farm includes 226 acres and 60 milking cows and a processing plant. Once the creamery is built on-site and is operational, the Perkins will take over all operations of the dairy.

The Perkins plan to offer tours and educational opportunities at the farm as well as renovate and expand the creamery in Fairview, N.C. Cheese caves also will be built on the farm. The purchase of the farm will allow Looking Glass Creamery to tell the whole story of the farm and its cheese from the cow to the customer.

Visitors to the farm will be able to see the production floor through a window to watch the cheese-making process as well as look into the aging cave.

“The quality of our cheese will improve, because each cave will be dedicated to a certain type of cheese, that needs a specific humidity and a specific temperature, and we can give it exactly what it wants,” Perkins said in the local news report. The creamery also will add an ice cream line and several varieties of blue cheese.