Did Amazon Make Good on Whole Foods Promise?

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Did Amazon Make Good on Whole Foods Promise?

By TGR Edit Desk - 08/29/2017
Whole Foods slashes prices after Amazon acquisition

When it was announced that Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods would close on Aug. 28, the e-commerce giant promised that it would slash prices at the retail store that had long had the nickname Whole Paycheck for what some perceived as its high prices. So, was the promise kept?

Prices on several staples were down at Whole Foods across the country. The Gourmet Retailer’s sister publications provided examples of their price checks. Read Progressive Grocer’s account here and Retail Leader’s report here.

The company also announced Whole Foods shoppers who were members of Amazon Prime would benefit from additional discounts. Some of the retail stores also will soon feature lockers for Amazon shoppers to pick up their e-commerce orders. Amazon and Whole Foods both also could gain. Amazon, an expert in using shopper data, could start applying that information in Whole Foods stores to get shoppers to make more puchases.

For the rest of the industry, shares of supermarkets took another hit when the price slashing was announced.