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Best Merchandising Ideas - Food Slicers


Invite your customers to take a slice out of their household food costs with one of the most innovative small electrics available to home chefs today. Electric food slicers offer the home and professional chef a powerful and money-saving option for preparing meals, entertaining more cost-effectively, controlling portions and quality, and enjoying freshly sliced foods.

Here are the numbers your customers need to know: Food slicer owners can enjoy saving over 50 percent when they purchase bulk meats and cheeses, and slice them at home versus buying them pre-sliced from a supermarket deli. What’s more, when entertaining at home, food slicer owners can save 50 percent to 70 percent off the cost of ordering party platters from a deli or a caterer by making their own freshly sliced delicious platters.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
When it comes to convenience, ease of cleaning and operation, and versatility, today’s slicers are made with the home chef in mind. Whether slicing meats and cheeses for sandwiches, breads for paninis, or vegetables for a beautiful homemade antipasti platter, food slicers are the right tool for the job. They add up to the freshest foods, elegantly and uniformly prepared at a fraction of the cost of buying them already prepared.

Customers need to see the incredible convenience, freshness and money-saving potential of this indispensable kitchen tool. Show them that these many benefits and more are as easy as 1, 2, 3, with a back-to-basics food slicer demonstration.

Choose a high traffic day and time to demonstrate the ease of use offered by today’s affordable advanced technology food slicers. Create signage that captures customers’ attention with three main points: 1. Save Money. 2. Save Time. 3. Eat Better. While there are far more than three benefits associated with food slicer ownership, it is helpful to top-line these attention-grabbing attributes to busy shoppers on the move.

Elaborate on these three points during the demonstration. Explain that using a food slicer saves money. How? Show the 50 percent savings by comparing bulk item costs to pre-sliced deli meats and cheeses.

Save time. Look for advanced slicers designed for continuous operation rather than those that limit running time to a few minutes before they must be turned off to allow the motor to cool. Whether you’re preparing for a party, a meal at home or simply prepping your family’s sack lunches, the last thing you want is equipment that keeps you waiting. Help your customers select the right timesaving slicer to streamline their kitchen work.

Eat better. Explain how using a food slicer helps with portion-control by slicing the desired amount of food. When customers are in control of slicing up the freshest foods for their family in controlled portion sizes, they can manage their calorie intake by slicing meats, cheeses and breads thinner than prepackaged foods — in some cases, enjoying sandwiches with less than half the calories found in sandwiches made from pre-sliced foods. Additionally, be sure to note that luncheon meat — because of the oxidation process — stays fresher longer when it is purchased in bulk and sliced as needed at home.

Super Sliced
The versatility and control of advanced food slicers are extremely important benefits that you’ll want to demonstrate and tout often. While this is important any day of the week you’re trying to feed your family, it becomes the biggest boon when preparing for a party. Plan to host a series of demos around the December holidays, Super Bowl, Easter, Passover, Father’s Day, Fourth of July — all the major times of year that customers are planning to feed a crowd. Design a menu for your demo that can be prepared more quickly, tastefully and economically with a food slicer. Party favorites like deli trays are a no-brainer, but so are mountains of delicious coleslaw and chopped green salads made with the help of a food slicer. Antipasti platters, potatoes for homemade potato chips and more party pleasers are easily prepared using a quality food slicer.

During your demonstrations, highlight the many advanced features of your electric food slicers, such as heavy-duty construction, precision thickness control (from deli-thin to half-inch or thicker slices), continuous feed, uniform slicing ideal for dehydration, cantilever design for easy access during cleaning, quiet operation and fully retractable food carriages for slicing up bigger cuts of beef and ham.

Choose a brand of food slicers that offers models at different price points to appeal to a variety of household budgets. Let customers know what they’re getting for their money with signage that explains not only the more than 50 percent savings off pre-sliced foods by buying in bulk and slicing at home, but also the important features of each unit. These include high-quality product design and construction; the quality and durability of the blade; precision and uniformity of sliced foods; the ability to operate continuously; and the ease of cleaning and use.

Take Control
With so much in our lives beyond our control, it feels good to get a handle on something as essential as our own food preparation. Create signage that informs customers how to take control of their own food preparation with one of today’s advanced food slicers. Not only can customers better control the portions they consume, they also gain more control over the delicious freshness of their foods by owning their own food slicer. When home cooks have a food slicer in their appliance repertoire, they also have more control over how they spend their time. Rather than wasting time waiting in long lines at the deli, they can slice their own fresh foods exactly the way they want them at precisely the time they need them.